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About Magnet City

Magnet City offers solutions to all your magnet and magnetic manufacturing needs.

We manufacture and export all magnet shapes, sizes, properties and coatings. We also offer a customized magnet production service. All of our magnet assemblies are manufactured to our customers specifications.

Magnet City was founded in 2003 by Hector Kohn, a leading expert in the manufacture and design of magnets and magnetic assemblies for industry, craft and magnectic prototype design. Located in Miami, FL Magnet City serves customers worldwide with quick and easy access to shipping and manufacturing facilities. Magnet City exports magnetic products throughout the world.

You can also contact us via email or our online contact form.
If you're in the South Florida area visit our sales office.

Magnet City

14280 S.W. 142nd Street
Suite # 203
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: 305-232-1118
Fax: 305-232-9190
E-mail us: